American Gym Trader
Health & Fitness Business Sales and Acquisitions
American Gym Trader specializes in health and fitness center sales and acquisitions. Recognized as the nation’s largest health club broker network and powered by Murphy Business Brokers we have over 250 licensed health club brokers nationwide. They make owning your dream gym a reality as they work with you to get the best price possible and guide you properly and professionally through the entire sales process with your best interest in mind.
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Aquatic Sport Science & Programming
Aqueous is an international sport science and sports medicine organization, whose mission is to integrate with healthcare systems and large-scale athletic teams to utilize applied sport science for biomechanics, performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation services. Inspired by the lack of resources and education typically found at the majority of the world’s aquatic clubs, Aqueous brings an elite training experience and facility profitability previously out of reach to the vast majority of these facilities. Their goal is to make elite technology, movement intelligence, human performance, corrective exercise, and sophisticated training accessible to the competitive aquatic community.
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Sabre Financial Group
Financial Services
Sabre Financial Group, LLC is a financial services firm that provides financial advocacy to the small business community throughout the US and Canada. Through a national network of partners and affiliates, Sabre provides capital acquisition, business restructuring and debt mediation solutions that allow small businesses to access capital, avoid costly litigation and secure the financial flexibility needed to thrive and grow. Services provided include: Capital acquisition (including conventional, SBA and alternative funding options), Business-to-business debt mediation, Outsourced small business CFO services, and other working and investment capital solutions. Note that Sabre Financial Group LLC is neither a law firm nor a CPA firm; they provide consultation for business-to-business activities only and do not provide any form of consumer debt settlement services.
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Medical & Medically Directed Fitness Provider
HealthEFit provides health-club hosted, evidence-based medical fitness programs to corporations, companies and businesses with the objective of those entities realizing healthcare cost savings over the long-term based on creating, empowering, motivating and perpetuating healthier employees. Their mission is to bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness using exercise as medicine.
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Terrace Level Consulting
Youth Fitness & Youth Sports Programming
Terrace Level Consulting was created to address the critical issues facing youth fitness and youth sports businesses, both large and small. Their unique approach is a significant differentiator and drive their consistent client successes. A broad range of services and solutions are provided to help any sized organization facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. Since its inception, TLC has helped many organizations overcome challenges in youth sports, fitness operations, personal training sales, and new facility construction & expansion projects.
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Axtion Technology
Fitness Technology & Fitness Game Solutions
Axtion Technology inspires movement through technology. We work with clients to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect. Our key areas include: I) Fitness Technology and Fitness Gaming products, II) Entertainment Technology for attractive and engaging spaces, III) Custom Technology Solutions for OEM applications.Our services have been utilized by Health Clubs & Fitness Centers, Healthcare and Wellness Facilities, Schools, Corporate Wellness Facilities, After-School Programs, Government Organizations, Parks & Recreation Districts, Hospitality Implementations and Family Entertainment.Implementations have targeted virtually all demographic segments, including: Children, Kids, Teens, Adults, Senior Solutions and Special Needs Populations.
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Jordan Adams Consulting
Social Media Marketing
Jordan Adams Consulting is a full-service digital agency specializing in turning clicks into customers. Their team is comprised of industry experts with more than fifty years’ combined experience in all aspects of online marketing. Services provided include Web Design, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads, SEO, LinkedIn Messaging Strategies and much more. They employ a systematic approach to assessing each client’s exact business needs, formulate custom-tailored approaches and campaigns and drive solutions to accommodate the specific business goals and increase ROI. All their efforts are tracked, allowing accurate and real-time cost/benefit analysis… ensuring the most cost-effective implementation of new client acquisition and ongoing business development campaigns.
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Healthcare Re-Engineered
...description coming soon.
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Muscle Up Marketing
Print, Digital & Mobile Marketing Solutions
Muscle Up Marketing is a full-service agency specializing in customized marketing solutions for the fitness industry. With 50+ years’ experience and a client roster of more than 1000 clubs, services include PRINT (Direct Mail | Grassroots Marketing | Promo Items | Key Tags), DIGITAL (Social Media | Email | Targeted Display Ads | Landing Pages) and MOBILE (Geo-targeting | Text Messaging | Call Tracking) campaigns. Their team of industry experts is committed to your success; their expertise is your asset. By combining best practices, top campaign ideas and unique insights, their cutting-edge creatives are turned quickly, and campaigns hit on time to drive huge response. Localized marketing doesn’t have to be hard - let them do the heavy lifting for you. Muscle Up Marketing. Get Your Marketing In Shape.™
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Railyard Fitness
Youth Fitness Obstacle Course
Railyard Fitness created a unique fitness tool suitable for ages 3 and up… an Obstacle Course that trains patterns not parts. The Railyard Conditioning Obstacle Course is a portable, lightweight, modular obstacle course where kids and adults have fun exercising. Set it up in any available space, store it away when finished, or transport it from location to location - the Railyard is the most versatile equipment you can own. The Course can be used in one continuous layout or assembled into workstations for large groups or classes.
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Fitness Visio
Fitness Facility & Equipment Procurement
Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Fitness Visio is a fitness-based consulting company with over 30 years of industry experience providing fitness facility design, consulting, and equipment procurement to all markets in the fitness industry, no matter the size or scope of business. Their vast experience as a fitness consultants, club owners, designers and managers has equipped the Fitness Visio team with a unique insight and strategic vision for achieving organizational breakthroughs. Their love for fitness design, customer service, and fitness innovation can be seen throughout the Fitness Visio portfolio since the company’s inception.
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Ascentium Capital
Equipment & Technology Financing
Ascentium Capital is a leading provider of equipment and technology financing solutions. Their unique finance platform, combined with exceptional customer service, paves the way for fast, flexible financing for virtually any business need. Whether you are a small, independent boutique studio, a large health club or a multi-purpose, multi-location chain, they can help you finance growth, upgrades, enhancements, additions… even new locations. They will help fuel your company's growth.
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Personalized Health & Nutrition Platform Serving Corporate Wellness
IDLife is a health and wellness company founded on the principal that all individuals are uniquely designed and have unique needs when it comes to maximizing their health and wellness. Much like a fingerprint that is unique to each person, the health, wellness & nutrition programming and prescriptions that work ideally for one person will not necessarily make perfect sense for another. Yet most corporate wellness health plans and nutrition recommendations come pre-packaged and preconceived with ideas and theories proposed as one-size-fits-all for a typically vastly diverse employee population. The IDLife product line offered is structured with employee input from the beginning, designed to each company’s unique needs and delivered in a fun and interactive way that includes everyone who is interested in looking better and feeling healthier. IDLife’s mission is to provide all individuals with the life of their dreams, and we accomplish that mission one person at a time by focusing on the specific and unique needs of each individual. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter wellness implementation. IDLife has partnered with industry experts, health professionals, professional athletes, and well-known health organizations to bring this program to companies within the United States. Our goal is to help combat the antiquated American mindset of sick care and begin focusing on health care … one person at a time.
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MedPro Wellness
Medically Relevant Programs
MedPro was founded in 2013, and has been impacting lives ever since. From their beginnings as physician-based wellness program to launching their Coach-In-Pocket app, they’ve stayed true to core beliefs that small, gradual steps ultimately lead to life-changing results. They help employees, members, and patients achieve medically-relevant results.For Employers: Our coaches inspire the behaviors that promote positive change which leads to a healthier and more productive workforce.For Health Clubs: Our programs generate additional revenue and boost membership enrollment through physician outreach and referrals. (Many health clubs have yet to partner with the medical community limiting their reach into an underserved member population. Through unique programs and free coaching sessions, our Coaches create new members and engaged physicians’ referrals.)For Healthcare Systems: Our process of data collection and outcome improvements is aligned with patient needs and reimbursement changes. Our programs are curriculum-based so physicians and healthcare systems can have complete oversight while our experienced Coaches focus on medical conditions that can be improved through lifestyle modification - including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.
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Canali System
Canali System postural fitness equipment
The Canali System is the new way, the better way to train. Based on motor and postural science while implementing the most extensive technology ever used in fitness equipment design, the groundbreaking Canali System and the Canali Method of training will give your gym separation; an extraordinary change of fitness culture.The Canali Method (Developed by Italian Olympic coach and professor, Vincenzo Canali.) Based on studies of motor science, rotational forces and body alignment, the Canali System and Canali Method of strength and hypertrophy training implement postural rotation and auxotonic muscle engagement to provide the most efficient, effective and safe training system in existence.
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The 10 Minute Mind
Mindfulness meditation
The 10 Minute Mind® provides effective, time-optimized Mindfulness meditation to help individuals harnesses the power of their mind and facilitate significant positive changes in many areas of their lives. Whether it is the extra “push” needed to maintain a diet, exercise more – or at all – or just feel better - Individuals and businesses around the world are realizing how powerful regular mindfulness meditation can be for your wellbeing. In fact, The 10 Minute Mind® is used by twenty six universities internationally and hundreds of businesses and organizations, all focused on improving the happiness of their students and employees. Mindfulness meditation can benefit fitness facilities, corporate programs and personal trainers by helping participants to achieve better results – and it can be implemented as a revenue stream.
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Disinfectant Lighting
MSMART offers proprietary lighting with 405 nm chips used for antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral applications. It complements our coatings in that it activates them 10 times more than any other lighting source. Our Diamond Smart Pure LED dramatically reduces toxic indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, methane, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless components. It discourages pollen and other allergens and minimizes odors without masking fragrances. It also uses 50% to 70% less energy when compared to fluorescent lighting and lasts 10 to 20 times longer. In addition, it is safe to use around pets and humans. Just by keeping the lights on can continuously disinfect any hard or soft surface up to 99%.
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