START SOLVING and STOP SELLING - Use I.Q. for better E.Q.!

Health clubs, gyms and virtually all multi-purpose fitness facilities have followed the same fundamental sales business model for years: Fill out a guest card (to capture marketing information in case the guest doesn't join), take a tour (where the sales/membership reps will take great joy in showing off all the wonderful features they assume matter), sit across their desk for the "pitch" (where they will ask just enough questions to give the impression they care), then show the prices... and if the prospect doesn't dive right in (and most won't), they drop a stream of incentives (discounts, perks and freebies) available only if the prospect joins "right now."

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, countless conversations and numerous secret shopping adventures indicate that more than 80% of the industry still follows that model, or a variation thereof. It might have worked in the '80s, but between the Internet and Social Media, today's consumers are far more educated, far more knowledgeable and far less likely to be "sold." Remember, people love to buy but no one likes to be sold, primarily because the act of selling inherently focuses on the needs of the vendor not the needs of the consumer.

S.O.L.V.E. SolutionsTM represents Synergy Cubed's new, truly consumer-centric approach to membership sales. Essentially a pitch-less presentation, we take "selling" out of the equation and replace it with interpersonal techniques that build lasting (and therefore profitable) relationships: conversational engagement, intelligent needs assessments, active listening and individualized problem-solving. Industry studies have repeatedly shown that people are willing to pay more for what they want1... so why not give them that opportunity.

Stop dropping your prices to make the sale. Start raising your game instead.

So, if you’re ready to take a new look at an old problem… contact us today and let’s talk. Initial no-obligation consultation is free, and our expertise is priceless.

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1. Molly Kemmer, IHRSA Chairperson, 2016 IHRSA Global Report, Copyright IHRSA 2016