Ancillary Revenue Opportunities


Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Practices

Physical Therapy practices offer their patients highly specialized, clinically supervised and very specific therapy for predetermined periods of time. Services and number of sessions are frequently mandated by insurance not actual rehab progress, and while many patients make significant progress in the prescribed time frame, all too often they must "fend for themselves" once the authorized sessions are concluded. And all the Physical Therapists can do to safeguard their hard work is provide written recommendations and cross their fingers.

Chiropractic Practices offer a completely different approach to healing and wellness, and many of these sessions are covered by insurance as well, yet some of the same challenges remain. Once insurance has lapsed, what can the D.C. do to better ensure the long term health of their patients?

And in both cases, even though both practitioners are extensively trained in supporting the health & well-being of their patients, their practices only address a small slice of their patients overall long-term health.

Wouldn't it be great if they could actually offer comprehensive fitness/wellness solutions in-house?

Now they can.

Synergy Cubed has created Heal-Health-HealthyTM, a unique business model for Physical Therapy & Chiropractic practices to offer post-rehab & other specialized personal training, personalized nutrition and ongoing motivation. Designed for implementation in, or under the umbrella of, existing PT or DC facilities, H3 can provide significant ancillary revenue while boosting patient loyalty and increasing long-term patient health and wellness.

So, if your PT practice or Chiropractic office could benefit from a new revenue stream… contact us today and let’s talk. Initial no-obligation consultation is free, and our expertise is priceless.

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