The Fitness/Wellness Program that STICKS!

Fitness professionals have understood for many years that true total body fitness/wellness must address a wide scope of physical and physiological attributes, including muscular strength & endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, nutrition... and the all-to-often forgotten mental qualities of attitude, motivation and commitment. Alas, most health club & multi-purpose facility training programs address the body using one, perhaps two modes - such as free weights & functional training or selectorized machines and cardio equipment - but that's it. Some trainers with appropriate knowledge and certification may also address nutrition and many facilities offer nutrition consultations as an ancillary revenue stream... but the majority don't. Very few consider other modalities, and almost none really address the mental challenges of long-term success.

Unfortunately, to make measurable, trackable and truly effective long-term gains in all of these categories, club members must engage with highly creative personal trainers, available nutritionists and perhaps psychologists. Face it, most facilities simply do not offer all of these options, and the vast majority seem to fall back on the same old things. Surprisingly, many facilities have many useful and viable options already available, and some take advantage of them as ancillary revenue streams, but no one seems to view them as an integral and necessary part of each members' fitness programming. Until now!

G.L.U.-FIT.TM stands for Gain Long-Term Results Using Multiple Modalities, and represents Synergy Cubed's unique and innovative solution to achieving sustainable long-term total body fitness/wellness by incorporating multiple exercise modalities into each members' personalized exercise prescription.

Don't just sell training sessions. Set your members up for long-term success and see better results, longer retention and more referrals.

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